High-quality sunflower lecithin powder by IVOVITAL

Lecithins are no longer an insiders’ tip and not only athletes and students acquired a taste for it. Sunflowerlecithin provides you with cholin and phosphor and strengthens body and soul. Cholin is responsible for a balance of lipid metabolism and liver functions, phosphor regulates the energetic metabolism and keeps your bones and teeth healthy.

With sunflowerlecithin powder by IVOVITAL, you have found a natural, sustainable product that will enrich your life. 10g per day already make a noticeable difference – with milk, in smoothies or pure. Check out IVOVITAL sunflowerlecithin today!

Sunflowerlecithin powder can be used in many different ways

Do you like cooking and want to make sure that your meals are vegan? Are you a hobby baker and set value to gluten-free bread? Do you want to support your brain and liver functions and live a healthy life? In all cases, sunflowerlecithin is for you.

Latest studies even show that the phosphatidic acid, that is contained by lecithin, speeds up muscle formation. Because of that, lecithin is also great for athletes and people who want to lose weight.

At IVOVITAL, we offer sunflowerlecithin powder in three different sizes: 300g, 600g and 1200g. And directly from stock: organic sunflower lecithin fluid/liquid. Our lecithin is controlled by strict german laws and the organic lecithin is certified by DE-ÖKO-039. This puts us into the position of offering only the best und purest quality of sunflowerlecithin. Of course, we ship worldwide so everyone can enjoy our product. You can chose different methods of payment, including Paypal and credit card.

Organic sunflowerlecithin fluid/liquid

The premium organic lecithin. We offer organic sunflowerlecithin fluid/liquid in following sizes direct from stock: 275ml, 550ml, 5 liters, 10 liters and 15 liters. We are eco-organic-certified by german control and european laws, our control number is the DE-ÖKO-039. We ship worldwide in food safe packaging.

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Sunflowerlecithin powder in pure quality. Allergen-, soy- and gluten-free.